Growing in Russ Cohen’s nursery are hundreds of edible plant species native to New England – and he’s been propagating them across the region’s nature preserves and trails for years. The modern-day Johnny Appleseed is helping people reconnect directly with nature and their food.

David Hochstrasser takes care of three of Boston’s most historic clocks: the Custom House Tower, Old South Meeting House and Old State House. He’s been restoring clocks for over 40 years, but is starting to worry about the future of the industry–and if there’s anyone to replace him. Produced in 2019.

It’s common for talented Cuban baseball players like Yasiel Puig and Yoenis Cespedes to defect from their home country for the USA to play for Major League Baseball. Rarer are cases like Carlos Tabares, who turned down multiple MLB offers to stay as the captain of Havana’s Los Industriales. Produced in 2018.

A profile of Mariano Zamorano, one of the last artisanal sword makers left in Spain. Produced in 2015.

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