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In 1983, Mayor of Boston Kevin White chose not to run for reelection, leading to a rare open race for the mayor seat. Voters chose less established candidates Ray Flynn and Mel King as the two finalists, signaling a desire for change.

Featuring interviews with Ray Flynn, Mel King, former City Councilor Lawrence DiCara, Boston Globe columnist Joan Vennochi and local historian and author Jim Vrabel. Produced in 2019.

In Boston, Brutalism is tied closely to City Hall, but the infamous building is far from the only “concrete monstrosity” in the city. Throughout the 1960s and 70s, top architects from around the world took advantage of a rebuilding Boston to design and build what they saw as futuristic, expressive works of art.

Brutalism hasn’t gained many fans since then, but public opinion may slowly be changing.

Produced in 2021.

Some unique terminology forms in the comment section of the Wall Street Journal Crossword Contest. Each week an online group of “muggles” aims to win the contest and take home the coveted WSJ Crossword Winner mug. Their virtual community is a glimpse into the actual one surrounding what is often thought of as an individual activity.

Produced with Hannah Bates in 2019.

David Hochstrasser takes care of three of Boston’s most historic clocks: the Custom House Tower, Old South Meeting House and Old State House. He’s been restoring clocks for over 40 years, but is starting to worry about the future of the industry–and if there’s anyone to replace him. Produced in 2019.

It’s common for talented Cuban baseball players like Yasiel Puig and Yoenis Cespedes to defect from their home country for the USA to play for Major League Baseball. Rarer are cases like Carlos Tabares, who turned down multiple MLB offers to stay as the captain of Havana’s Los Industriales. Produced in 2018.

Profile of two Syrian refugee families in Greece, one in a camp and the other placed in an apartment. Produced in 2017.

An exploration of the controversial and historic Exarchia neighborhood in Athens. Produced in 2017.

A look at the struggle of mental health facilities in Greece due to lack of government funding. Produced in 2017.

A profile of Mariano Zamorano, one of the last artisanal sword makers left in Spain. Produced in 2015.

Short look at Elpida Home, a facility that houses refugees in Thessaloniki, Greece. Produced in 2017.

Piece on the rise of child obesity in Spain. Produced as a student in 2014.

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