Short Documentaries

Bar pizza is a staple of the South Shore of Massachusetts, dating back to the late 1930s. From fourth-generation mainstays to newcomers, almost every town south of Boston seems to have a bar that has a personal pan pizza – and a loyal customer base to match it.

Produced in 2022.

A 3-way looks a little different on the North Shore of Massachusetts. The “famous” roast beef sandwich has been a staple north of Boston for over 70 years. With beeferies old and new all over the region, and passionate fans to match, the North Shore Beef isn’t going away anytime soon.

Produced in 2021.

In Boston, Brutalism is tied closely to City Hall, but the infamous building is far from the only “concrete monstrosity” in the city. Throughout the 1960s and 70s, top architects from around the world took advantage of a rebuilding Boston to design and build what they saw as futuristic, expressive works of art.

Produced in 2021. 

In 1983, Mayor of Boston Kevin White chose not to run for reelection, leading to a rare open race for the mayor seat. Voters chose less established candidates Ray Flynn and Mel King as the two finalists, signaling a desire for change. Selected for Independent Film Festival Boston 2021.

Produced in 2019.

A unique community of “Muggles” forms in the comment section of the Wall Street Journal Crossword Contest.

A look at the central Athens neighborhood of Exarchia, where police famously do not enter. Exarchia has a deep political background and its spirit of resistance can be seen through its sense of community and its ubiquitous street art.

Produced in 2017.

A look at two Syrian families that are refugees in Greece – one in camps and one in an autonomous apartment. Moving families into apartments is an attempt to integrate them into Greek society. Still, apartment life can present a number of issues for families seeking asylum in Europe.

Produced in 2017.

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